Tuesday, July 12, 2011

From pattern follower to designer!!!

I have not updated my blog much as I have been working on a new project... my designs are going to be in a fashion show!!!

The competition is on in 2 weeks and I am driving out of town to go and see it (it is a 7 hour drive to Gore). I am super excited, models are going to be wearing my stuff on a catwalk in a real life fashion show!!! I feel like i'm in my very own project runway.

made from 3 different colours of stretch drill

I had to design my own outfits and make them, as you know, for me, that's tricky as i haven't done much designing, usually I use patterns. However I did make a wearable dress in my purple one shouldered ruffle dress I designed from scratch, so I chose to give it a go. I used my mannequin and made the same block for all my dresses and then drew a pattern off this altering it for each dress. I can't show you all of the ones I entered in the show til after the show is finished-I made seven all up, but only entered 5. I entered three dresses as a mini collection, and two dresses wre entered in the streetwear category. I made them all using a 2 directional stretch drill-this elminated the need for zips and darts-haha, that's my kind of design!

These are the least favourite of the seven I made-hence they didn't go in the competition.

made from red stretch drill, the stripey stuff is fleece! and a yellow button on the shoulder

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