Monday, February 21, 2011

Roses are red

This is new look 6699. It is such a neat pattern as you can mix and match all the pieces to make an array of really different dresses. I made the first view as I thought it had a fifties feel and loved the wee capped sleeves. I want to make this pattern again but will make a straight skirt, perhaps. I had a bit of trouble with the sizing, I am not much of a pre-cut fitter. I tend to measure my self and cut that pattern and go for it. So the result was it was a couple of inches too big through the front, the sleeves were pretty much off my shoulders. To compensate I made a small pleat in the centre front neckline and put some buttons on to distract from this. The pattern is quite busy so it isn't obvious I did this. Next time I will cut a size smaller.

This is a close up of the fabric, I know it look like it is, but it isn't shiny. It is a stretch cotton.

 I am going to a wedding this weekend, and am thinking about wearing this dress with these accessories. I am wearing a red belt, shoes and handbag. What do you think? I have vaguely thought about making some sort of fascinator too but I might be pushing it for time.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

red wrap dress, new look 6674

I love wrap dresses, I find them so flattering and feminine. This is New Look 6674. I made it from a red stretch silk jersey. It was my first time sewing stretch after I found the function on my sewing machine, yay. It is so exciting learning new stuff on my machine. Unfortunately I need a little more practice in sewing stretch fabric. Hence the ruffles. I say if you make a mistake, just stick a ruffle on top and she'll be right.

This picture is so you can see the ruffle detail a bit better.
Note to self: wear my ugly bridget jones knickers next time I do a blog photo shoot and then my tummy will be beautiful and flat :)

I tried to do a sexy car photo seeing as I ran out of props in the garden for my photos :) It is my boyfriends new car. Unfortuantely two hours later the car does not look nearly as pretty-he asked me to move it and as I parallel parked it, I scratched the mags. Oooooops. Luckily I can give good massages and grovel well and he is still in a good mood with me :)  He is my photographer too, thanks hun.

This pattern was pretty quick to make and it turned out well. I really love wearing this dress. I have made another variation on it too, and I will post that soon in the future.....

My blue skies dress

I have made lots of projects in the last year, so I will start putting them on here. This dress is from  pattern simplicity 2359, inspired by project runway. I loved the bow on the front and the gorgeous blue colour.

 I cut the dress for my measurements, but unfortunately when it was made it was a few inches too big, so I just took it in through the back where the zip is. Hopefully no one can tell :) Maybe this happened because the fabric has a bit of stretch? I'm not sure. It happens a lot to me and I am starting to wonder if I should just cut dresses a size or two smaller than my measurements.This dress has a lots of front detailing, the front is all top sticthed, it actually took about three times to get the top stitching straight, grrr. Normally my seams are messy but who cares when you can't see them,  right? All in all I love this dress and get a lot of wear from it. :)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

My Kasia skirt

My Kasia skirt.

This is my first ever blog, I hope it turns out ok. :)

This is a free pattern off . Thank you to the designer and the site and for making it free. I love free stuff. I made mine out of a grey check fabric with fine red, blue and black stripes. The pockets are made from my boyfriend's old shirt. I really love recycling fabric. I included a close up picture of the skirt so you can see the zipper is unusual as it is on the front and hidden by the pouch. The pockets are cute as they are ruched. I rate the pattern highly as it fit me well and gives me a flattering hour glass figure. I do admit I got confused halfway through the instructions so just sewed it as seemed logical to me. It worked out fine.

Now I just have to pretend I work in an office so I can wear it. I wear scrubs at work so there is no scope for dressing up apart from the colour of my crocs and my theatre hat, although I admit I do like wearing 'pyjamas' to work. :)