Monday, February 21, 2011

Roses are red

This is new look 6699. It is such a neat pattern as you can mix and match all the pieces to make an array of really different dresses. I made the first view as I thought it had a fifties feel and loved the wee capped sleeves. I want to make this pattern again but will make a straight skirt, perhaps. I had a bit of trouble with the sizing, I am not much of a pre-cut fitter. I tend to measure my self and cut that pattern and go for it. So the result was it was a couple of inches too big through the front, the sleeves were pretty much off my shoulders. To compensate I made a small pleat in the centre front neckline and put some buttons on to distract from this. The pattern is quite busy so it isn't obvious I did this. Next time I will cut a size smaller.

This is a close up of the fabric, I know it look like it is, but it isn't shiny. It is a stretch cotton.

 I am going to a wedding this weekend, and am thinking about wearing this dress with these accessories. I am wearing a red belt, shoes and handbag. What do you think? I have vaguely thought about making some sort of fascinator too but I might be pushing it for time.


  1. I think this would be perfect for your wedding, Q! I LOVE it and would love one of my own! Hehehe...

    To be most edgey, you could pair it with a turquoise clutch or shoes - like Sarah Jessica Parker would in sex and the city. A little splash of a different colour might be kind of funky!! Otherwise, it looks amazing as is..... and you look like a fifties starlet in it!!!!

    Love your blog!

  2. Hope it was a hit at the wedding. It is charming.

  3. Hi, thanks Ros. I did wear it to the wedding and had a great time there :)

  4. This is my favourite thing that you have made so far

  5. Thanks A. It is my second favourite thing now, I like my Peggy dress more.