Wednesday, February 16, 2011

red wrap dress, new look 6674

I love wrap dresses, I find them so flattering and feminine. This is New Look 6674. I made it from a red stretch silk jersey. It was my first time sewing stretch after I found the function on my sewing machine, yay. It is so exciting learning new stuff on my machine. Unfortunately I need a little more practice in sewing stretch fabric. Hence the ruffles. I say if you make a mistake, just stick a ruffle on top and she'll be right.

This picture is so you can see the ruffle detail a bit better.
Note to self: wear my ugly bridget jones knickers next time I do a blog photo shoot and then my tummy will be beautiful and flat :)

I tried to do a sexy car photo seeing as I ran out of props in the garden for my photos :) It is my boyfriends new car. Unfortuantely two hours later the car does not look nearly as pretty-he asked me to move it and as I parallel parked it, I scratched the mags. Oooooops. Luckily I can give good massages and grovel well and he is still in a good mood with me :)  He is my photographer too, thanks hun.

This pattern was pretty quick to make and it turned out well. I really love wearing this dress. I have made another variation on it too, and I will post that soon in the future.....

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