Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My blue skies dress

I have made lots of projects in the last year, so I will start putting them on here. This dress is from  pattern simplicity 2359, inspired by project runway. I loved the bow on the front and the gorgeous blue colour.

 I cut the dress for my measurements, but unfortunately when it was made it was a few inches too big, so I just took it in through the back where the zip is. Hopefully no one can tell :) Maybe this happened because the fabric has a bit of stretch? I'm not sure. It happens a lot to me and I am starting to wonder if I should just cut dresses a size or two smaller than my measurements.This dress has a lots of front detailing, the front is all top sticthed, it actually took about three times to get the top stitching straight, grrr. Normally my seams are messy but who cares when you can't see them,  right? All in all I love this dress and get a lot of wear from it. :)

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