Thursday, June 30, 2011

Last of the four t-shirt dresses

This is the last finished dress in this Vogue 8679 series!! The others are UFO's now-unfinished sewing objects :)

I made this dress in an afternoon before wearing it out to dinner with the girls. This fabric is a one way stretch cotton, it does not have too much give in it. It is not really an appropriate fabric for this pattern-it really needs a fabric that stretches in two directions for trying it on. However I really was too lazy to put in a zip, so I just cut it a half inch wider than the side seam allowances. This will make it two inches bigger overall around the body, and that was ok with me, as I would wear it with a belt to cinch the waist.

The pattern is black and white, but has a strong vertical element in the pattern, which I liked as it's slimming.

Anne is modelling it with

Black cardigan from The Warehouse
Black belt that came with a dress I bought
Hat from Ballantyne's

I have never had a hat like this before, I have never really been sure what was flattering for my face before, but I love this one. I liked it so much I have made my own version since.

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