Thursday, June 30, 2011

Tshirt dress I went a little crazy on

I found a pattern for a dress I loved.

It was perfect for me, it only takes 2-3 hours to make and there are no darts or zips, etc, how easy!!!

Welcome to vogue 8679. I obviously made the dress view, I have not made the other pieces in the pattern. I bought the pattern on sale for four dollars from fabric vision.

I loved it so much I made...4!!!! and I have another couple in the works too.

First dress: made with a two way stretch synthetic. Not too stretchy though, so it still smoothes over the bumps rather than clinging to them :)

My model Anne is wearing it for me as she is looking skinnier than me at the moment ; she has not been hibernating and eating bread and chocolate for winter unlike me :)

Anne is wearing it with my black merino cardigan from the warehouse.
Fake suede boots from the number one shoe warehouse
Flower brooch from Equip.
I wear tights with it too because it's winter and cold!(by my standards anyway)

This dress turned out really well. Yay for streatch stitch on my sewing machine. The only problem I encountered was I had overlocked all the edges and when I turned over the hem, it caught through to the right side of the fabric. I just trimmed these bits and am ignoring them.

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