Thursday, June 30, 2011

Stripey dress from tshirt dress pattern

As I said previously, I made four of these dresses from vogue 8679.

This time I used a super stretchy thick fabric that is heavy enough to retain its shape well. I loved the pretty colours and thought a vertical stripe would be slimming. The fabric is a synethetic with lots of spandex or something. I do not have clothes made from this fabric so I'm not sure what it's called or really what it gets used for.

One thing I loved about this dress...I didn't have to hem the edges apart from the neck as the edges roll over. It is handy too as i can let it roll more to make the dress shorter or pull it down and have it longer.

One thing I didn't like... cutting the fabric. It rolled when I was cutting it and I had to weigh it down, I used pretty coin sized glass beads that you put in vases to weigh it down. It was tricky to pin too as it just kept rolling back on itself.

Anne is wearing it with...

Aqua cardigan from Glassons
Yellow belt from an opshop (it cost me fifty cents!! )
Yellow and white scarf from The Warehouse
Aqua fake suede boots from The number one shoe warehouse

Next tshirt dress :)

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