Monday, June 13, 2011

buttercup dress

As promised, I made another dress using Burda 8072. I have actually been doing a lot of sewing recently, just not much posting.

I changed things up a bit this time. I put a ruffle on the hem, this took me hours to do and I got really annoyed. But I like the result. In the image of Burda 8072, one of the dresses has a ruffle on it, but the pattern doesn't include one. I asked
the most skilled sewer I know on the easiest way to make a ruffle,and it turned out great. If you want to see her work, it's at

Instead of using the facings, I decided to line it instead. The images I took of this didn't show up well, so I didn't include them. But I found a bright yellow shiny fabric to line it with, and it turned out well. In the future I will probably use a thin cotton fabric for lining as slidy stuff is really tricky to sew darts in, etc, as it moves around heaps and I found it frustrating.

I love how the difference in a fabric can make the same pattern look so different. This feels different to my 'dino dress'.

I will wear it with my fake pearls most likely.

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