Monday, April 18, 2011

Aspiring to have Joan's style

You know how I love Mad Men? Well I keep seeing the the 'Joan' character with these beautiful brooches. Some of hers are made of two parts. I keep seeing her wearing these...

Joan in her two part brooch

Another brooch Joan often wears

I was envious, I had to have one!! I have had a thing for brooches for a while, I tend to wear them more than other jewellery. Alas, when I went shopping the other day, I couldn't find any I liked, or any two part brooches. Then my friend T reminded me I could make one. Silly me, I should have realised that as I used to make jewllery-earrings and necklaces, etc,  I still have all the fastenings and they should be easy enough to make. We went in to a costume jewellery store and bought 3 necklaces for ten dollars. Bargain. These are what I bought.



More flowers and fake pearls

To make them was easy, I grabbed my pliers and pulled off the pieces I wanted and reconnected them together how I wanted.

Yay, a two part brooch!

Yay, another two part brooch. My favourite.

I ended up using superglue  to join a jewellery-safety pin type fastener to each of the backs of the brooches. It was quick and easy to make them, and I love how they turned out. I still have heaps of leftover bits from the necklaces for future projects too :)

Lady Anne wearing my day's outfit

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