Thursday, April 28, 2011

New dress from old

I have really been wanting plaid dresses and pinafores recently, it has been tricky to find fabric I like as due to the earthhquakes, only one fabric shop has been open, and I am sick of looking at the same fabric choices. So I went to an op shop and bought plaid, lots of it :). It is actually cheaper buying fabric from op shops anyway. This was a skirt that had a broken zip up the side. It is a synthetic, very stretchy fabric.

I bought this blue fabric, not that it even matches the skirt, but I like them together anyway. The blue fabric is a stretchy synthetic too. I used New Look 6699 again, for the top piece, but put the zip in the side instead of the back.

I put a wee outie-pleat in the middle of the bodice as it was too big again. I really need to redraw that pattern piece so it fits well. Then I put buttons on he top to bring through the cream and maroon in the skirt.

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