Monday, May 9, 2011

Vintage pattern plaid shift dress

This is actually the first time I have used a vintage pattern, even though I have dozens in my stash.

It is Style 4287, from 1973. It had never even been cut out before!!! How exciting! I was concerned as it is a size 12.5, and I am a couple of sizes bigger than that, but I have also read that vintage patterns are made big and I like my clothes more fitted, so I made it anyway-and I actually had to take it in a bit!!!! I also have to say, they made patterns well back then, the pattern paper was good quality, and had not faded or deteriorated at all.

I accessorised with a red necklace from Equip (costume jewellery store)
My red boots from the Number one shoe warehouse
A merino top from Glassons
Leggings from Glassons
Red belt from Creme

I bought the fabric from Spotlight on a road trip through Invercargill. It was a 'christmas fabric', so was quite discounted. I paid about four dollars a metre. Do you think it looks too christmasy? It is a craft cotton, I love the weight of these fabrics. I tried to match the plaid, but it was tricky and didn't really work, I think it was difficult as there are so many seams. It doesn't matter to me, I will wear it anyway.

I loved this pattern so much I made another dress for it straightaway, it will be up here soon... :)


  1. Wow. That ended up way cuter than the pictures! I might have to do a little rummaging at Value Village and try it out myself. Really nice job matching the pattern of the fabric, too. Was it hard? I've never tried it myself.

  2. Hey Emily, thanks for the comment. What is value village? It is a bit tricky matching fabric patterns(I find it hard anyway). What I have learnt is ...I recommend picking a really simple pattern without too many seams-as that means more matching. Smaller patterns are better as it is harder to see if they don't line up properly. And e.g. if it's a dress, pick one that does not have a separate bodice and skirt or else you have to make sure the pattern matches up vertically, not just around the body where the seams are. And the last thing I have learnt is make it easy on yourself and make sure the pattern is the same up versus down (e.g. like with napped fabric), otherwise you will need a much larger piece of fabric to cut from. I hope that makes sense to you and can help :) From Kiwibubbles

  3. Oh, sorry. Value Village is a second hand shop like Goodwill. People donate stuff and the stores sell it for really low prices. Value Village has ended up with a really sizable collection of patterns for my local one, but it probably varies from place to place based off of who donates what.

    Yeah! Your tips will probably help out a lot. Thank you for it!

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