Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Chocolate swirl-sational styling!!

So after how easy and fun it was to make my red plaid dress the other day, I couldn't resist making another.

I also found this fabric in Invercargill on my road trip. It was in the furnishings section, and yes, it is curtain fabric! But because it was so beautiful, i had to have it!! It doesn't have thermal backing, that would be too stiff for a dress, but it is still quite scratchy, so I fully lined it with some soft cream cotton. This fabric is quite shiny too. To line it, I just cut the pattern exactly the same from the cream fabric and didn't cut any facing, then I just sewed the right sides together and it was done!! I made it all in a few hours, so it was really easy and I love it.

Today I will show you how to wear a dress such as this three ways: with a vintage look, formal wedding outfit and casual work friday
My styling....

To wear in a vintage look...

Blue pussy bow blouse from a thrift store
Blue suede cowboy boots, from The number one shoe warehouse
Yellow belt from a thrift store

Formal wedding outfit

A pink pashmina from my trip To china
Pink patent leather heels from The number one shoe warehouse
Pink necklace my friend gave me when I was her bridesmaid

Casual work friday

Pink necklace from my friend's wedding
Yellow belt from a thrift store
Boots from number one show warehouse
Pink brooch from a three dollar store
Yellow jacket from Ezibuy

And this is a close up of the fabric...Isn't it beautiful?

Which is your favourite look?

I think this colour dress would look great with tan/camel accessories too, but I am just not a fan of camel tones, so I don't own any. I know it's the 'in colour' this season, but it just doesn't appeal to me. I love bright colours instead, and having a brown dress is enough out of my comfort zone. Hahaha. In saying that, camel does look lovely on some people and it always gives an outfit a timeless classic stylish look, don't you think?

Which colour would you put with this dress? How would you wear it?

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