Monday, May 23, 2011

Purple beret

Do you ever want something and just can't find it in stores? For years I have wanted the perfect shade of red beret. I ended up finding one last year, but it's an orange red, not a blue red. Well I was thinking to myself the other day, I wonder if I can make one? Well, yes, it turns out I could. It takes about 20 minutes to prepare, and 20 minutes to sew. Easy!!!!

I know this isn't my perfect red colour I was dreaming about, but I am also purple- obsessed at the moment, so made this one first :) I made it from a heavy stretch cotton drill, the same fabric I used in my one shouldered purple dress.

So if you want to make one yourself, I recommend using this tutorial. It is very straightforward and easy. On her blog, Vively makes a reversible one which is really cute. Mine is a classic one sided beret, I just doubled the band around the head to get a nice finish instead. I can't get my link button to work, but you can find the tutorial I used at....

Now bring on winter, so I can feel glamorous in all the multitude of berets I am bound to make :)

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