Monday, May 23, 2011

Thrift store finds!!

I just have to show you all the stuff you can get at thrift stores, and the huge savings you can make by buying sewing notions. Isn't it handy when, for example, you need a zip, and you have dozens in different colours and lengths already in your stash? I normally pay $3.50 at my fabric store for a zip, so I was excited!!! It also means, by having a range of stuff at home, I am less likely to need to pop out to the fabric shop. That is good, as sometimes I am busy, and sometimes I am lazy :)

I spent $7 in total, and I scored all of this...

Eleven zips, of varying colours and lengths, still in their packets.

Eleven retro patterns, a few are for me, and I bought a bunch of kids ones too. I know a lot of people who are having babies, and I figure I can use all the offcuts from my dresses to make kids clothes, as they won't need much fabric.

A bunch of belt buckles, overall clasps and a bright yellow belt. I wear the belt all the time, it fits perfecty around my waist.

This stuff has already come in handy, I wear the belt heaps and I have used one of the zips. I also made a belt using one of the buckles, to match a dress I made-shame I lost the belt on the first day wearing it. Haha. :)

Do you buy notions at thrift stores too? I have gone off buying thread there as I find it breaks too easily. What else do you buy at thrift stores?

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