Thursday, April 14, 2011

My Peggy Dress

Who else has a big style crush on the outfits from Mad Men? I sure do. Normally I love Joan's outfits, and I would love it if my wardrobe emulated her characters wardrobe. Today, however, I made a Peggy dress.

I had been watching the show, and then I went fabric shopping, and miraculously without realizing came home with the same fabric as her dress. I had already bought the pattern, vogue 8667, as I have been crazy about 'wiggle dresses' since watching the show. Usually this a dress silhouette 'Joan' would wear, with the fitted bust waist, and pencil skirt.

 I have to admit, I thought it was a good idea to use check, but gee it is hard to match up the pattern, especially when I picked a pattern with lots of pieces. I think matching prints is an i.q. test now. I had also bought the fabric, which is a flannel cotton, as I thought It would be lovely and soft on my skin, but this dress is fully lined, haha, so it could have been as scratchy as I wanted. I have to also admit, I haven't used a vogue pattern, or fully lined anything before, and the instructions made no sense to me in places, so I kind of just went with my own thing. And who can tell? Hopefully only me. When in doubt, overlock it and all will look better or stick a ruffle on to hide the mess. So I overlocked it a lot. :)

I tried to copy her poses, it was fun. Her dress has sleeves and buttons, and mine does not. Otherwise, we have the same fabric, dress shape and collar.

I plan to make this dress again soon, in a brighter colour. More mad men obsession is on the way soon....

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