Friday, April 1, 2011

My second infinity dress

As my first attempt at the infinity dress was such a success, I decided to make another. This time I chose this fun patterned stretch jersey.

I am wearing my sixties inspired white boots.

It seemed like a good idea, until I started to make it. It was really stretchy and really heavy and rolled up at the edges, so was really tricky to cut straight. On my last dress, the raw edges annoyed me, so this time, for the bodice strips/ties, I doubled the width and sewed a seam down the length. This made a really long tube, which I turned inside out, and sewed it to the dress so the seam was hidden, and I was happy with not seeing the raw edges. Unfortunately, I was not happy with the extra bulk caused by doubling up the ties ( cos when it wraps around the waist, no girl needs extra bulk added there). This dress also sagged at the back, as the fabric was so heavy and stretchy, so to combat this, I added a thick piece of elastic around the waist and attatched it to the inner hidden waist band loop. This worked really well. However, I don't think I had folded my fabric evenly when I made the original skir,t as the hem is all uneven-probably due to the fabric being stretchy again. Oh well, not all projects will be a success. So if you are in NZ and want it anyway (knowing the issues with it), sweet as, first person who wants it, can have it. It will fit about a 10 to a 14. Otherwise, off to good will it goes :)


  1. I love the fabric! I'm hoping to try and make one of these dresses in the next few days! Yikes. I'm a real novice sewer too!

  2. Hi Emma, thanks for the comment. How did you get on with your dress? What sort of fabric and colour did you pick? Did it turn out ok? Good luck with it- Kiwibubbles

  3. I still havent done it! I cant find fabric for it. or if I do fins something thats sorat ok its $50/m! Yikes. so still on the lookout for some fabric so I can do it. Where do you go for fabric?/

  4. Hi Emma,

    aah I see you are in Christchurch too. I shop at fabric vision and spotlight, I pretty much always buy off the sale tables. I got told that Fabric vision has its sales whenever the school holidays are. There is also kutwells by south city, everything is pretty cheap there. I want Merino fabric but it's about fifty dollars a metre, so unfortunately I just buy merino things at glassons. If you go to Toff's opshop out in Ferrymead, everything is two dollars, so it's a cheap way to buy something and cut it up for fabric. Good luck with your dress :)

  5. ahh ok. I tryed fabric vision in papanui and spotlight. I'll keep an eye out hopefully I will find something i like next time I'm there. I saw some merino stuff at Harolds on Birminghm dr, i think it was 35/m there. but it was quite thin, and it may have been a special, i cant remember.

    Thanks for replying to my messages!