Thursday, March 31, 2011

Infinity dress, easy peasy

 I originally found the infinity/convertible/multiway dress in a catalog, it advertised wearing it ten ways, and I wanted it!!!  Unfortunately it had sold out. I was gutted. So I tried to find one on the internet. I found even better: I came across Rostitchery teaches you how to make one of these, and it only has one seam, how easy is that!! She has fabulous, easy to understand instructions, so I went for it. It only took a couple of hours to make, and I didn't have to use a pattern, and then ta da!! My very own infinity dress!!! There are dozens of ways to wear it. Here are three of mine.

To do this version, you just twist the sleeves.
to do this version, leave the sleeves halfway

to do this version, just pull the sleeves down

This dress is neat, I love how it drapes beautifully. It is really versatile. You can wear as a sleeve or non sleeve dress, a skirt, or a halter or one sleeved dress. You can also put the tie at the front or back, and there are lots of neat ways to tie the sleeves to create interesting detail.

This dress is made from a two way stretch fabric. The beauty of this fabris is you don't have to finish the edges as it won't fray. Unfortunately that does also mean it is neccessary to have a steday hand in cutting.

I am wearing my new metal rose necklace that looks really vintage, and my favourite blue shoes.

this is from the rostitchery tutorial site I mentioned above. Look how neat she made the back look.                                                                                    


Those are a few of my favourite infinity dress images, these images got me inspired to make it :) Inb fact after learning how easy it was to make, I made another, which I will show you soon...


  1. what type of material did you use? your dress is fantatic!

    1. Hi

      thank you, it is a two way stretch fabric. Any type would be suitable as long as it is kind of elastic as you don't want it to stretch too much or else the hem could go uneven( but needs to be stretchy enough so you can pull it on and off without needing a zip). Good luck x

  2. How wide did you make the straps on the dress?

  3. Hi KayJB,

    it depends on your size really. Measure from between your breasts around to the side of the dress and stop measuring when you feel the side of your breast will be covered, then add on a couple of inches to allow for the straps to cross slightly at the centre of your chest (and then add on two seam allowances if you want it 'finished', i just left my eges raw as my fabric won't fray. You basically want to make sure you will be decent, you know? If I made it again, I would add another inch so that I could gather the fabric slightly in the middle of the strap so it would mould to my breasts better too as it would fit that area better. Good luck, hope this helps!

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