Monday, March 21, 2011

Fifties style

 To start with, this is not a sewing post,sorry, it is a fashion one. In the last few months I have started to love fourties-fifties style things. I love the cinched waists. The style is so flattering. I love the red lips, nails and wearing pearls and how the look is so put together. They all looked so ladylike. Unfortunately I can't dress like this every day, there is no point in doing my hair when I have to cover it in a hat at work. But I can break it all out in the weekend, yeehah!! All of the clothes in this post were bought new, but usually when I do my fifties look, I would wear a full skirt I bought in an opportunity shop. Op shops are also a great place to get cheap belts, and hand bags for this look. To complete the look you need a fitted top and a belt to define the waist, a skirt, preferably full, and then you just need pearls, red lipstick, winged eyes and cute kitten heels( I know I am wearing boots, but it is getting cold). Oh of course, and the best accessory, a handsome man to hold your handbag, thanks D.

 Nail polish normally lasts half an hour before I pick it off, but this stuff lasts for days, awesome.

 This is my friend L, we went to dinner at La Porchetta for dinner (the boys were too embarrassed to be in the photo), La Porchetta have the best wedges ever. I had just learnt how to do victory rolls in my hair a couple of nights before; victory rolls are the glamorous hair do that all the girls have in the movies when the second world war is over (and  fourties pin up girls). I popped a bow on top, to go with my belt, nails and lips. I am still learning how to do liquid eye liner well. Ooh and I got a big complement from my boyfriend in a roundabout way. He hates my fifties look and asked when I was going to jump back in the time machine. That just tells me I achieved the look I was going for well, so I was happy :)

A better close up of the rolls

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