Sunday, March 6, 2011

new blue dress

In my home town, Christchurch, NZ, we have been having a bit of a hard time recently, with loads of big earthquakes, and unfortunately they have slammed our city a bit. It is a real mess. I am really lucky as my place still had power on, and I had a bit of time off work, so I have been busy sewing, it is lovely and relaxingand a great way to take my mind off what's been happening. I actually made two dresses and a couple of skirts in a few days, I will put the others up on here soon.

I made new look 6699 again as it is my favourite pattern. This time I made the fuller skirt version. I have made this dress quite plain, with the blue and white gingham. I was thinking about putting buttons or a collar on, but maybe it is good plain as I can accessorise as I want. I solved my problem of the fit in the chest by making it a size smaller and adjusting the pattern slightly, to take out a couple of cm in the centre front. Awesome, it worked. And I just love the fabric, it makes me feel like I am from a mid west movie. I think it will be a great dress for layering with nice snuggly merino tops beneath in winter too.

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