Monday, March 21, 2011

new ruffle skirts

 This is New Look 6897. I reccommend this pattern as the instructions were easy, the skirts were fast to make-a few hours each all up, and they fit really well. I made the bottom left view.

 You know I love ruffles. I had the plain red left over from my 'cooler than the red dress' project. And I found the check red on sale ages ago, it was an offcut of only a metre or so, so not enough to make a dress from. I am the type of person that buys patterns when I love them (and on sale) and I buy fabric on sale, and always buy 3 metres, so it is enough to make a dress from. Then one day six months later or so, I match the two together when I am in the mood. It often means I have leftovers from dresses, which is fabulous as I can use bits and pieces to make a skirt.
I love that this dress is made from different panels. I have meant to do this for ages, using a couple of different colours in an item. It is also nice to wear red and black to show pride in my community as those are my regions colours, and people have been amazing to each other during this earthquake business, really helping strangers and friends alike. I feel really proud to live in Christchurch, people here are amazing.

 Bum view :)

                                                          Skirt 2 

 After I loved the first skirt so much and it was so quick and easy to make, I made another skirt straightaway. Sewing is the joyous outcome of being a shift worker and sometimes having days off during the week. There is no one to distract me or hang out with, so I can be creative instead. And after these earthquakes we can't swim at the beach and my gym is still closed due to damage, so sewing is something I can still do when other normal entertainment is not available.

 I know I could have made a different view for the second skirt, but this ruffle was awesome, so I wanted another. Again the red is a leftover from 'cooler than the red dress' new look 6699. And the blue is also a leftover from another new look 6699 dress. I had thought about putting navy in the dress instead of red, but I didn't have any pieces of the right navy in a big enough quantity. And it turns out I like the contrast of the red and navy anyway :)

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