Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The lazy circle skirt, 2 more ways

 Today I will show you two final ways to wear your easy new lazy circle skirt I showed you how to make. The 'funky casual' look, and the 'work' outfit.

Style 3: The 'funky casual' look

To get this look, I wore a navy and white polka dor blouse, a slim blue belt I just bought from an opportunity shop, my pearls, and vivid blue heels.

 Which colours do you think go best with bright yellow? I like blue, white and black. Which colours would you choose?

 The final look.

Style four : the 'work' look

To get this look i wore a white wrap shirt and sensible black heels.
I had to roll the waist band a couple of times as otherwise it looked a bit frumpy.

Now I am not sure where you work, but unless it is somewhere quite creative, perhaps a more subtle colour would be appropriate for work.

I only made mine from bright yellow as it was 1) on sale for three dollars a metre, 2). I love, love, love yellow and 3) this fabric is a two way stretch, so appropriate for this project, and it had a beautiful drape.

 Whilst researching colours that go with yellow, I found these images I love and thought I would share:

from fashionising.com

I love this look with the fitted knit top and the cute wee scarf.

Chambray/denim also looks great with yellow, and this last image is a great idea when thinking about dressing funky in cooler weather
From J. Crew     

from frmheadtotoe.com

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