Saturday, August 13, 2011

Cute button bracelets

I have gotten a little button crazy recently. I sewed buttons all over a dress I made (which I still have to show you), and I have been having fun making bright button jewellery too. I was inspired by this beautiful funky bracelet my friend had, and I thought 'I can make that'. I bought approximately 500 buttons off Trade Me, all bright platic bright colours(they came in a bulk lot sale-I didn't buy them individually, haha) . I really wanted bright yellow giant buttons, and it had some, so I was happy.

These are what I made.

This is by far my favourite, it is all purple and blue, and each button has another button threaded on top.

I wear this one with my red dresses, I love bright colours, they make me happy.

This is my least favourite, purple, green and yellow. Wearing these is a really easy way to brighten up a plain outfit, I have gotten a lot of positive comments when I wear them.


My cute pink, red and yellow girly one. These are really easy to make. All you need is leftover buttons, elastic to thread them and ten or so minutes.

I ran out of my good elastic when I made this one. It is best if it is stretchy, but not too stretchy, if you know what I mean. This is a really long one and I wear it wrapped around my wrist a few times.

What have you been crafting recently? Have you seen any neat button things I might like?

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