Thursday, August 18, 2011

Runway shots: dress number 2

This is a bright blue and bright purple hoodie dress, the hood is lined in a stretchy blue/purple floral.

 I ruched the neckline, but I guess I didn't do it well, as by the time of the fashion show, it came undone and looked more like a cowl neck, haha. I ruched it by gathering the fabric just under the neck with a hand stitch. next time I ruche, I will sew a piece of elastic to the back.

 My pleats I made down the front-I just kind of eye balled the fabric and folded to make these-I was too lazy to measure. I put the different colour in a pleat form to make the dress a little more intersting, I love how it turned out.
 I wish I had made a belt to go with this dress, just to cinch the waist a little more, a belt would be suitable with this dress as I out a strong horizontal at the waist with that seam being there.
 Runway shots!! (with it looking like a cowl neck, haha).

Thank you lovely model :)

Next up, dress number 3: Pink/purple swirl dress

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