Thursday, August 18, 2011

Pink/purple swirl dress:dress number 3!!

This dress was part of my collection. I called the collection confection cutie as the dress I first made reminded me of lollies:,bright fun colours and swirly. I made all my dresses from the same fabrics, just in different colours. I used these fabrics mainly as I had 10-12 metres each of the bright blue, purple and red left from when I bought them in a sale at new year for a dollar a metre. And I managed to find some hot pink in the same style. I really like colour blocking too. And since I have made these-colour blocking seems to be really in fashion, so that's handy.

My inspiration :)

I had so much fun making this dress: mainly because I drew my picture, managed to make a pattern and sew it and it all came together perfectly first time. maybe I should do a tutorial some time on how to make a swirl dress as I just sort of made it up, and it worked.

 Modelled on Anne.

I will put the runway shots of this dress up once I  have shown you the other two dresses in the collection as the shots are of all three together.

Next up: dress number 4, contouring red/blue dress

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