Thursday, August 18, 2011

Dress number 4 :red/blue contour dress

So this dress was also a part of the three included in the collections entry in the fashion show.

It was interesting making this dress, until now, I never really realised sewing needed much in the way of maths, but do make this dress, I pulled out the my ruler and made a graph! I taped up Anne with where I wanted the contours, and then had to make  a table with coordinates of the lines of the curve, e.g. every two cms I measured where the curve was on the x and y axis and  wrote down the coordinates (using the side seam and hem as the 0,0 axis). Geeky huh? I have no idea what real designers do when making clothes but it worked for me. Then I plotted these points on a graph and drew between the lines and this is how I made the curve for the pattern. Made that sound complicated? I was so proud of myself for working out a way though. This dress I designed with making the most of a woman's figure: The centre strip comes out at the bust and hips and curves in at the waist (to try and make the wearer lookk like she has a sexy hourglass figure, of course!)

 I forgot when I was making this on Anne, that although I had set all her measurements to be the same as mine, she has a much longer torso( which I can't adjust as there is no dial there), so I probably should have curved the dress out for the hips a little higher up whan I made it (as it makes my chest area look huge).

 Isn't it neat that as a woman we can play with the lines on our clothes to make our bodies look a different shape? It sure is a lot less effort than diet and exercise, haha. :)

Next up: lucky last dress number 5: pink and bright stripe dress.

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