Saturday, August 13, 2011

My fashion show dress

As I think I mentioned, I entered a fashion show here in NZ.

Me wearing it today and it is so sunny and beautiful-yet it is supposed to snow today.

It was called the Hokonui Fashion Design Awards aand is a nation wide competition and I entered 5 dresses. We were not allowed to take photos at the show, and I am still waiting for the professional shots to arrive from the photographer. In the mean time, until I can show you some photos off the catwalk, here are some images from one of the 5 dresses (I actually wore it today :) None of my outfits place anywhere but it was such a thrill to go to a fashion show and see my designs on display. There were 700 people in the audience on the night I went and the Fashion show has been on t.v. twice. It was really exciting for me to be a part of the show and has given me a lot of confidence with my designing-and thanks to Anne my mannequin for her help in being my figure to design and create the outfits off.

So this is an outfit I entered in the Streetwear category.

As you can see, it is 2 colours, hot pink and purple. It is stretchy, but that lovely thick stretch drill I love so much. I made a hood on it and lined it in the same fabric. The lining was a super stretchy synthetic with concentric circles all over it . I simply cut them and top stitched them on-whuch was a bit lazy as you can see the edges are unfinished and roll slightly. I was not sure how to finish them well but I think it will be fine as they will not unravel or anything.


 This dress shows off my tummy a wee bit, but it actually looks better on a curvy person than a thin person, so I don't mind. Oh and I'm wearing one of my button braclets and the colours worked very well together. The brightness of this outfit really uplifts my mood and it made me feel cute and playful.

As I get the pics on the runway I will put them up :)


  1. Whoah. THat's a really cute idea! It looks like a vector image. I like it a lot!

  2. Hi Emily and Emma,

    thanks girls!!! Emily, I don't know what your comment means (what a vector image is) , but it sounds fancy and technical, so thank you :)